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Our purposes for collecting personal data:


1.We maintain a database of clients so we can contact clients to see if issues have been resolved.

2.We maintain a client database so they we can monitor the process of enquiries.

3.We collect personal data so that we can monitor equal opportunities and to ensure we do not discriminate against one group over another.

4.We collect personal information to identify clients, so we know which case we are working on, also so we can contact clients about the progress of cases.

5.We maintain a database so we have a record of what we have done, actions we have taken and what further action is needed. We record contacts we have made and contacts made to us in the process of dealing with the enquiry.

6.We maintain a database for statistical reasons to show how well we are performing to fundraisers and to help us apply for grants and donations.

7.We do not sell on personal information to third parties.

8.We maintain contact details of our clients so we can tell clients about events we are running which may be of benefit for them or for information on our services.

9.We use personal information for communication purposes regarding their enquiry to us.




We're a registered charity in England (no. 1170519)


Banburyshire Advice





Citizen Project


Data Protection and General Data Protection Regulation 2018.

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