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Difference We Make - A Snap shot

Covid has caused many problems to our clients during lockdown and the charity has taken a proactive approach to helping people. We contacted over 600 people during Lockdown to see if they needed assistance.


We produced a number of facts sheets in response to Covid such as Mental wellbeing, furloughing, redundancy, looking for jobs, CV and interview techniques.



Andy Willis was awarded an unsung Hero award by Victoria Prentis MP in 2020 and the advice team also received recognition. Andy also received a Points of Light Award from the Prime Minister, RT Hon Boris Johnson for his charity work.


During this period of reporting (2019) we helped 682 people and clients had a yearly gain of £223,737.76. This is client yearly gain has increased from last year.

We issued 89 Food bank vouchers to families in need. Universal Credit has proven to be an area of concern for clients and we assisted 55 cases. We helped the general public with 76 enquiries which included helping fill in the benefit forms. Employment and Support Allowance was another area where people needed assistance with 59 cases.

During Feb 2020 to Feb 2021 we helped 2,016 people and the client yearly gain was very significant, easily over £200,000. We issued 216 Food bank vouchers, 58 Attendance  Allowance cases, 57 Blue Badges, 181 Health and Wellbeing cases, 93 Housing Issues, 60 Mandatory Reconsiderations, Personal Independence Payments 258, ESA 63, Charitable Grants 23, Utilities 65, 172 Universal Credit. This is just a snap shot of some of our cases.








We're a registered charity in England (no. 1170519)



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