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Citizen Project


Our Story

Our story begins sometime ago with our founder, Andy Willis BCAv.


Andy sometime ago was touched with the difficulties people faced in everyday life.


He began his working life as a Civil Servant and saw the complexities of life when he worked in the Court service.


Later working in Education across age ranges, he saw the difficulties children faced in families not having enough food to feed their children. With adults he saw the difficulties families faced during bereavement and how this affected individuals.


All these experiences eventually lead him into the world of advice work which he has been involved in since 2006.


In 2016 the advice sector in Banbury changed, a number of providers changed their models of delivery and Cherwell District Council and partners identified a need for information and advice services in it's publication Cherwell Vision 2016.


During this time the town had grown with a number of housing developments and the town continues to grow with many new housing estates.


Andy also identified the need for our services due to the high level of deprivation in parts of Banbury.


Andy Willis could see the need for a new advice centre and with a team of dedicated individuals the charity Banburyshire Citizen Project was born.


Since the birth of the charity, the charity has been involved in writing a number of reports about Social Deprivation to Parliament and actively raises issues important for our clients at a local level as well as Nationally.


In January 2019 Andy Willis charity work was recognised Nationally and he received the British Citizen Award at the Palace of Westminster.


We're a registered charity in England (no. 1170519)





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